March 29, 2012

Upcycled Crafting: Final Sales

Every Thursday for the entire month of March we have celebrated National Craft Month by featuring upcycled craft supplies available on Etsy.  Each week we have discussed fifteen different shops that have offered our readers EXCLUSIVE SALES in honor of this crafty month. 

Here is our final three featured shops and their awesome coupons!!!

Anna, from rope, collects beautiful vintage fabrics and other supplies in her unique Etsy shop.  Finds like this yard of Daisy Blue fabric

Or this collection of vintage fabric pieces perfect for your next upcycled project!

And how cool are these vintage zippers? Most still in their original packaging!

rope SALE:
Enter coupon code UPCYCLE at checkout for 20% off your vintage supply order! This offer is good for this month only! Follow Anna and her creative adventures on her blog, Lasso the Moon!

Our second shop...

Robyn from Girl A Go-Go Designs makes some amazing DIY DOLLS from recycled materials. (I should know I bought one this month).  Let your children, grandchildren and friends get creative with these handmade dolls that inspire imagination!

Colour Your Own Doll (Mermaid)

Enter coupon code FIFTEEN at checkout for 15% off your DIY supply order! This offer is good for this month only!  Follow this creative shop on Facebook as well!

Our third shop...

This shop is full of a variety of original designs, many which are created in whole or part from repurposed, upcycled vintage linens, cutter quilts, feed sacks, paper ephemera materials and other findings. 

Check out the unique handmade Cutter Quilt Appliques!

Handmade Heart Embellishments

Enter coupon code LUVCRAFTING10 at checkout for 10% off your supply order! This offer is good for this month only!  Check out their Sewing N Craft Supplies section for more supplies, AND check out their newly opened shop, ITSYOURCOUNTRYSPIRIT, featuring upcycled eco refashioned!

We hope you enjoy these unique upcycled crafters and their special sales! Hurry and check out ALL our featured SALES in honor of National Craft Month HERE!!! Just one more week of upcycled savings!

Happy Crafting!

The Wooden Bee


  1. What a blast it's been celebrating Nat'l Craft Month! Thanks for all the great sales, Everyone!

  2. Great stuff! The DIY dolls look super fun!

  3. It was GREAT !
    THANKS so much for a wonderful month full of yummy supply features :)

  4. Thank you for including ROPE in this! How fun. I love team upcyclers!

  5. I love the dolls! We were just at the Hobby Lobby this morning and I was wanting to pick up some rag-dolls. I like that you can customize them and that they are recycled/upcycled. I'm checking out the store now.