September 10, 2013

Upcyclers Creativity Challenge: August results

Each month here at Upcyclers we ask one shop to host an Upcyclers Creativity Challenge! For August, our lovely Tricia from Upcycled Stuff encouraged us to upcycle by selecting the medium... old utensils! For inspiration she even created her own Pinterest board full of ideas for the challenge!!!

Here are the results...

I have to say that I was a little nervous when I announced my pick for the August Upcyclers challenge. But, what a fabulous collection of projects we had! Picking a winner is not fun, everyone submitted fabulous entries this month. But since I had to...


Kayla from Love Letters Upcycled wowed me with her silverware lamp! Such a creative use of all the different parts and what a fabulous shadow it casts when on in the evening.

I love this key holder by Ganev at ReTain ReMake ReNew. It's wonderfully different from all the other key holders from silverware that I've seen. And being the animal lover that I am, I just couldn't resist!

Thanks, Tricia
Upcycled Stuff

All of August's entries can be viewed on our team's special Pinterest Challenge Board! And team members be sure to check the discussion boards on Etsy! September's challenge is under way!


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    1. Ha, Walter. I just checked out your shop and with a shop name like Silva really need to have some silverware shop items! :)

  2. Thanks! I'm enjoying my new shop lamp often! I honestly and totally love the silverware hooks from Ganev at ReTain ReMake ReNew too!! I LOVE she combined the silverware with her glass, its amazing!