June 24, 2013

Upcycled Linky Party {13}

Good Monday Morning!  So sorry this Linky Party is off to a late start but it's been a rough week.  My dad had a grand mal seizure late last week and at nearly 64 there's been no history of seizures. So as you can imagine, things have been a little topsy turvy these last few days.  But I am SO ready for a little normalcy and excited to share a few highlights from last week's Upcycled Linky Party starting with this one from the Scribbler Unfocused. 

If you've never painted fabric (or even if you have) you have to see what Ellen did with an upholstered chair whose fabric left a lot to be desired.

And if you're still looking for a few garden ideas, you'll love how the Wooden Bee added a little graffiti to an old tire and turned it into a "flower pot."

I love old license plates and admire all the cool projects that others come up with, I've never taken the plunge myself. So this week's shop feature is this fabulous MANCAVE Wall Art from Sweet Someday:

Now on to the Upcycled Linky Party #13.  Here's the run down on the rules:

1.  Feel free to link up no more than one upcycled tutorial that you created and one upcycled item from your shop each week.
2.  Please don't link up the same items or blog posts as in previous weeks, let's keep it fresh.
3.  Follow Love 2 Upcycle by email or Google connect.
4.  This is a party so socialize!  Visit at least one shared link and leave a meaningful comment or "favorite" it if it is an Etsy shop item.  It would be nice if you followed them as well, but it is not required.
5.  Please keep it family friendly and upcycled!  We reserve the right to remove any links that aren't appropriate.

Now, show us what ya got:


  1. Awesome! Thanks for featuring our upcycled tire blog post! Hope your dad is okay Tricia! Sending prayers and healthy thoughts.

    1. Thanks, Bee. He's okay for now but it'll be a few weeks before the tests are done. The hardest thing for him right now is suddenly not being allowed to drive. :(

    2. I am sure that is hard. Hope the tests come back good.

  2. oh no! my first time participating and I screwed UP! sorry :(

    1. Haha! You're fine. I screwed up my first too. Instead of putting my project name, I put my first name and that's how the world saw it! Oh well. Live and learn :)

  3. wish u all the best:) if you had time visit my blog

  4. Thinking of you Tricia! And thanks so much for featuring my MANCAVE sign! :) Lovin' the chair AND the tire too!!

  5. Hi Tricia,

    Love all the great recycled ideas and so good to see what others are doing.
    Best wishes to your Dad and hope the tests will come back fine.