May 2, 2013

Upcyclers Creativity Challenge: April Results

Each month, Team Upcyclers offers a Creativity Challenge to our team members.  Sarah from SweetSomeday was April's judge!  Judges are responsible for selecting an upcycled medium and picking the winning entries!  First and second place receive a month long ad on the front page of our blog.

Here's what Sarah had to say...

The medium I picked for this month is one that was easy to find: a cardboard toilet paper tube! I told the team members that I would also accept paper towel tubes, wrapping paper tubes, and really any type of cardboard tube! The fun started with ideas of cardboard tubes to use that I didn’t even think of – the inside roll of lint rollers, packing tape, and ribbon! The possibilities were endless!

Picking two winners was almost impossible because there was such a wide range of submissions, using the tubes for organization, projects with kids, jewelry, and more! It’s amazing what can be done with just a little bit of cardboard, that I would normally toss into the recycle bin. So anyway, I had to pick a winner! I truly wish I could pick every project, but I decided to go with the ones that I actually pictured myself owning and using regularly:

1st place is this precious little notebook made by Joanna from PippinRunWild
I could just picture myself keeping it in my purse for jotting down notes and lists!

2nd place is this lovely tree ornament made by Alison from prupru. I could see this ornament hanging on a plant or in a window year-round!

And as a bonus – both of the winners included tutorials for their projects! So you can make one (or more) of your own if you’d like!

Please check out all of the entries! It was so much fun to see everyone’s responses to this challenge!

Thanks, Sarah
Sweet Someday


  1. love!!! great!!!

  2. Looks great!! Thanks for letting me be the judge! :)

  3. I have just jumped up and down on the spot from excitement and disbelief!! Thank you so much Sarah! :D

  4. Nice items...congrats to the winners! Great job Sarah...I can imagine it was hard to choose.

  5. Thanks Sarah! What a great thing to wake up to (: