November 24, 2012

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend~ Christmas Centerpieces!

The first impression your Holiday dining table makes is usually based on the centerpiece and then your settings. This year, why not bring some fresh and eco friendly style and sparkle to the table? Here's some of my favorite finds on Pinterest and even if some may not use all upcycled, recycled or reused materials you can certainly put your own creative spin on these ideas.

For example, try using some mismatched stacked dishware and cups with packages wrapped with leftover wrapping and ribbons and some clippings from your tree...

Even old spaghetti jars would be perfect for this~ Use pines or twigs from the yard to make it more wintery and Christmas fabric and ribbon! Maybe even a candy cane or two...

This one was designed for a wedding but would be perfect for the holidays! Use painted tin cans or old pots for the base, rocks in the base will hold the little tree or use a branch from your tree. You can sprinkle the snow on it or try using mini garlands of tiny beads.

White paint poured and swirled into used wine bottles are perfect upcycled vases for sprigs of any twigs or greenery or go with the silver or white theme.

Here's another idea for those old spaghetti or mason jars~

I love this upcycled coffee pot centerpiece!

And don't forget the little ones~ this one is perfect for the children's table!

No matter what style your looking for to dress your table in~ be sure to make it GREEN this year! The simpler the design the easier it is but even fancy, intricate centerpieces can be made from upcycled materials!

Enjoy your weekend DIY'ing!
;) Cat


  1. I love anything with mason jars, but I had never seen the one with cranberries floating under a candle! How beautiful is that?! Great idea!

  2. Thanks, Jamie~ that one was my favorite!

  3. Great ideas. The mason jar with floating cranberries is beautiful!

  4. Awww this is sooo amazing. I love those DIY Christmas table decorations you shared here. Just gave me inspiration for this upcoming holiday. I am looking for ideas and you just gave me perfect ones. Thanks a bunch dear!