October 31, 2012

Upcyclers Shop feature: Mulberry Whisper

Happy Halloween Upcyclers!

We held an Upcycled Halloween Treasury Contest earlier this month.  Team leaders voted on their favorites with one overall winner, Mulberry Whisper for her "Hand me that Pumpkin Please" treasury.  All the upcycled listings featured in all the treasury entries can be viewed on our special Pinterest Board.

a mother and daughter Etsy shop located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Mulberry Whisper's handmade items are created by a talented mother and daughter duo. They offer clothing, pillow covers and accessories made of natural silk and cotton. Eugenie and her mother have a sweet spot for ikat fabrics handwoven in Uzbekistan. This fabric adds a very unique design to this beautiful handmade shop.

Mulberry Whisper makes custom clothing orders simple with vintage fabric selections and easy communications.  

My personal favorite is this gorgeous scarf...

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I personally follow this shop and I love the giveaways, sales and articles that are published and shared throughout their social networks.

Hope you have a green Halloween!
Thanks, Bee


  1. Beautiful! What lovely patterns!

  2. Dear Bee and the Team, thank you so very much! I am very grateful for your support, you are a wonderful Team! Sorry I am not always active, but I will try to be a better team member :) It was fun making all those Treasuries!

  3. Pillows from Mulberry Whisper very cozy.

  4. The shop is amazing - they create amazing things. Eugenie is great person too and I am really happy to be her virtual fellow colleague!