September 29, 2012

The Saturday Morning Paper

I love Saturday mornings! I don't have to jump up to alarms going off, fight morning traffic, or rush to get kids to school by the bell.  My husband is home to (sometimes) cook breakfast, and Saturday mornings seem to bring a peaceful start to the weekends.

Let Me Read

One of my favorite Saturday morning activities is to quietly sip on tea and catch up with my favorite bloggers on my Google Reader.

I thought this Saturday would be a great chance to catch up on Upcyclers post you may have missed in the hustle of every day life.  Here are some great blog archives from our two favorite topics...

Green Living


Ecofriendly DIY Crafting


Have a great Saturday! Look for a new Upcyclers GIVEAWAY on Monday!

The Wooden Bee


  1. This is exactly what I will be doing for my sunday. Sip some tea, read some fun blogs, and relax. Hope yours went well too!

    1. I played in the garden and did yardwork all day. It was beautiful here today. Thanks for checking in. :)