September 4, 2012

August Results for Upcyclers Creativity Challenge

Our challenge for August was to upcycle beauty product packaging. Most of us have mountains of grooming aids in eye-catching containers that end up in the trash. Why not find ways to make something beautiful out of what keeps us beautiful?

We had enthusiastic responses that brought in great ideas.

My three favorites were:

Rinnovato's shampoo bottle vase...

more photos available: Rinnovato's Facebook album.

La Gagiandra's apple ornament from a toothpaste tube...


Fairy Tale Fiber's belt buckle from a make-up compact...


Honorable mentions to

Sweet Someday's shipping station from hair product and pill bottles...

See her blog post for more details!

The Salvaged Edge's tribal pendant...

Rinnovato's second shampoo bottle...

See how Rinnovato did it here. AND she even used her leftover scraps to make earrings!

At my end, I upcycled a brooch and created embroidery hoop art with Vitamin C face capsules:

Bravo, everyone!

Marie from Swoosh by Scrollwork

All entries were pinned to our challenge's Pinterest board.

Be sure to check out our September Creativity Challenge that is going on! Luci from Idle Hands Supply selected old t-shirts for the medium! Good Luck!


  1. My congratulations again to my very imaginative teammates at Upcyclers! Thanks for posting the results and pinning the entries, Bee!

  2. Gorgeous work!! Applause, applause! Love the brooch!

  3. This creativity challenge was so much fun!
    Everyone's entries are inspired! La Gagiandra I particularly love your apple.
    Thanks Scrollwork and Bee for putting this together.

  4. This was such a fun and creative challenge...thank you Scrollwork! Love all the items that were created. Marie - your blog post on "Vanity Reciprocity" was awesome and the hoop art you created was just beautiful! : )

  5. Geez Louise!! These people are crazy talented and creative! Great job everyone!! ;-)

  6. Awesome! Great article and love everyone's ideas!!

  7. What great projects! That belt buckle is so clever!

  8. This month people came up with some great ideas!!!