June 22, 2012

T.G.I.Free~ Read for Free!

Do you Love 2 Read? Well, this week I went looking for a free read~ and I found some great resources for free eBooks and downloadable books! Not only do you save money, but you can save paper by reading online or on a reading device~ good for your wallet, your planet and your brain!

Freebooks.com calls themselves "the most popular website for Free Books"~ just ignore the annoying pop-up offer for a free gift card~ as much as I like free things, I don't like them with tricky strings attached! I didn't find very many choices but there were some all time favorites.

Pride and Prejudice from Freebooks.com

Grimm's Fairy Tales from Freebooks.com

I loved Kobo where they invite you to "Read Freely"...and offer about 180 titles including many classics.

Aesop's Fables from Kobo

Jane Eyre from Kobo

You can "go to the mall"~ the eBookMall, that is! They have about 125 free eBooks you can download to your "eReader, smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. But they say their list is updated on a regular basis and that the same books are not always available, so grab them when you can!

Walden from eBookMall

Maxwell's Smile from eBookMall

Just Free Books is a search engine you can use to find free eBooks for you! I searched for one of my daughter's favorites: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and found 10 pages of results! Some better than others and a bit varied from the title, but it led me to a nice find called Storynory where you can download or just listen to audio books for children. They had a wonderful version of Alice in Wonderland that is illustrated and clearly read with lovely diction.

Available at Storynory.com

Just Free Books also listed another audio version from BooksShouldBeFree.com that is dramatically read and uses different readers voicing the different characters.

Available from BooksShouldBeFree.com

Of course there are tons more sites out there~ including Amazon.com, Audible.com, Project Gutenberg, PlanetPDF.com, ManyBooks.net, FreeKidsBooks.org and MagicKeys.com.

I hope you'll have fun browsing for your favorites like I did~ when you find a good one all you have to do is find a comfy spot and enjoy a good read for FREE!

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