December 30, 2010

Meet and Greet: I Am The Mandy!

Congrats to Mandy Stos! She was just featured on Heart Handmade, a blog that focuses on handmade crafts and uniting artists across the world. Mandy is the creator of a unique shop on Etsy called IamtheMandy, a pronouncement that reflects the spirit of her art and the creative energy she puts into her products. Her avatar on Etsy was the first glimpse we had of her whimsical nature and we are thrilled that Heart Handmade has given us an opportunity to get to know her better!

Random Facts About You?
1* i love mowing the yard. something about the smell of fresh grass makes me feel alive.

2* i am glad that Conan is back.

3* i enjoy watching court tv shows, especially judge mathis.

4* i'm addicted to animals.

What got you started crafting?
As a child I loved to run around and make a mess. I am pretty sure my crafting sprung from cutting up my mothers clothing and gluing things together that were not suppose to be. Now in my adult life, my boyfriend Joey has pushed me to start a small business with my crafting. I usually made things and gave them as gifts, which I still do, but now I have a steady following and couldn't be more thankful.

There's more to know about Mandy on Heart Handmade...


  1. We are so glad to have you on our team! Congratulations for being featured.
    Mel (mellostuff)

  2. Really cool stuff yoiu have there. Your hard work shows too