April 20, 2014

Earth Day Thoughts from Team Upcyclers

Earth Day, on Tuesday April 22nd 2014, aims to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth’s environment. Since saving unwanted wood and materials is the core of our business, we think it’s a great month to celebrate all things green!  

How do you give back to the environment? Earth Day is a great time to renew your eco-friendly goals.   While we should do our part every day, Earth Day is a great time to reflect on our efforts, and see how we can lessen our impact on the planet's resources, while living a healthier life.

Each year I set goals on Earth Day, and see if I have achieved them the following year. Last year, I said I wanted to replaced the plastic-ware in my kitchen with glassware.  I bought the glassware at different thrift shops over the course of the year, and I upcycled and recycled the plastic cups and tupperware into other uses.  It was a simple goal. I usually set more than one, but if you take one small step, a million small steps could have an amazing impact on our beautiful planet.

This month, I asked some of the talented members of Team Upcyclers on Etsy, what they do for Earth Day, and what advice could they offer our blog's readers?! Here are just a few of the replies I received, along with one handmade piece from each Upcyclers artist.

"I live in NYC, and the amount of boxes I see on the sidewalks every day to be thrown out is crazy. I plan on asking businesses to give me their boxes, which I can then use to ship out my sold products on Etsy."

Barnwood Frame w/Silver Wire and Mini Clothespins

"One of my goals in being an upcycling artist has been to bring other people into the process and broaden awareness about what and how much we throw away. I've met some wonderful people who collect "Jane Jars" for me. I have a growing network of people who collect "garbage" for me to use in my jewelry and artwork. In exchange for them keeping a "Jane Jar" to collect things like beer caps, bread tags, candy wrappers etc. for me, I give them a 10% discount on all purchases."

"You're the Queen" Postage Stamp Collage Card

"I bought a dual canister for both trash and recycling [to encourage more recycling], and bought a water purifier to start eliminating plastic bottles from our home."

Repurposed Wine Bottle Planter

  "I plan on growing a large herb garden this year.
I recycled office supplies I collect at work through Terracycle. I recycle sharpies, highlighters, tape dispensers, and pouch packaging."

Mother's Day Handmade Greeting Card

"I try to avoid waste before it enters the house. Shop in bulk and use homemade over store-bought..."

Upcycled Blue Cotton Onesie

"I'm taking biodegradable trash bags with me on walks around our neighborhood to pick up trash."

Reusable Market/Tote Bag

"We always join the local clean up effort. Maybe people could look for an event locally or start one?"

Recycled Jeans Purse

We hope you enjoyed a little upcycled inspiration, and Happy Earth Day!



  1. Great post - love the tips and all the products!

  2. Awesome post, Bee! Happy Earth Day to everyone!

  3. Love all the awesome ideas in this!!

  4. Nice ideas! I live in the country...yesterday DH & transplanted about 50 little trees that would have been mowed later in the year. We also go out and pick up all the trash on about a mile of our road. I try to combine as many errands as I can when I go out. Thanks to etsy I work at home!

  5. I love to see what other artists do that are earth friendly. I shared your blog link on my blog today which is also devoted to earth day. http://www.serendipitini.com/?p=790. Would love if you could stop by and leave a comment.