February 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursday~ Upcycled Home Decor

NY City Love Photo by Pixamatic

 Happy Valentine's Day!
We hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 
Love is in the air and Spring is on the way!

I'll bet many of you are idly daydreaming of Springtime! Aside from being the season of love, it's also when we freshen up the home and get rid of the winter doldrums!

And it's a great time to go thrift store shopping for some "new" accessories for the home. The next time you walk by something you think is useless, think about these Etsy items from our team we are featuring today. It's always amazing what some of our Upcyclers can do with typical thrift shop finds~ Cast off's and junk are turned into unique and clever works of art, home decor and housewares!

Check out these eco-friendly, fun and functional finds for this Spring...

Paper Flower Collage Vase Trio by LaraLeib

1937 Mexico Map Coasters by All Mapped Out

The Corkdelier by kimbradley1

Upcycled Pedestal Stand from Garden Whimsies by Mary

Mason Jar Wall Sconces by Amy's Reclaimed

2 Quarts of Light by Flat Earth Rebirth

Upcycled Barbecue Grill by Tinkan Designs

Vintage Silverware Hooks by Love Letters Upcycled

Upcycled Jewelry Organizer by NorScott

Upcycled Vintage Children's Shelf by Once Upon a Firefly

Upcycled Magnet Board by LeMaisonBelle

Alphabet Block Terrarium by Roots in Rust

I know I may have made you even more impatient for Spring but I just couldn't help sharing these finds!

;) Cat

Editor's note: The "NY City Love Photo" is sold by Pixamatic on Etsy and owned by Lisa Futterman Photography, a member of the Etsy team~ POE, Photographers on Etsy. Please check out more of her work Pixamatic, Fine Art Photography


  1. So lovely - many thoughts of spring here!!

  2. These are all such wonderful and clever upcycled items.

  3. Thank you, Sarah~ You are one of the artists I speak of, of course! And Hello, Hanky Dress Lady~ we were bragging about you, too~ since your hubby is the creator of the piece from "NorScott"! And your Hanky Dresses are amazing! Readers should check out your recent post here:


    Thanks for commenting! ;)

  4. Thanks for including my upcycled tray in with these fabulous creations! Off to check out the shops and share the post...

    Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

  5. Thanks Cat. Thanks for including our jewelry organizers. Some great ideas here to get everyone's creative juices flowing. I especially like the jewelry hooks and the toy block air planters.

  6. I love the shelf....with Dick and Jane no less......smiles!

  7. Great collection. Clever ideas, all. Thanks for the feature.

  8. Great finds! That children's shelf is awesome!