March 30, 2011

It's a Wacky Wednesday!

Valerie from Additions Style, our weekly contributor for Meet and Greet, is away this week. So since things are a bit wacky for me without her (miss ya, Val!) ~ why not a fill-in post about some of the wackiest upcycled things I could find out there in virtual space!

Amy Winehouse, she's not~ Amy NUThouse, she is!

How about a hand for these hands? or two...

Bad Hair Day? Try this for a fix...

And if that doesn't work, try covering it up with this...

Maybe if you wear these, no one will pay attention to your hair?

But let's not forget the guys~ Isn't Father's Day coming up in a few months?

And if you don't like to WEAR your undies, you could always CARRY them...

Well, this has been fun~ and you know what they say: Time Flies~ When you're havin' Fun!

All kidding aside, these creations show the ingenuity and imagination it takes to create something so wacky but clever! The vision of these artists is what keeps us intrigued and helps bring attention to the upcycling movement~ and for that we love them!

Have a favorite? Tell us which one you thought was the wackiest, or share a link to one of your own favorites with us. Valerie will be back next week with a new interview with a member of Upcyclers~ and Tune in tomorrow to find out what our Team Challenge for April will be. We'll also tell you who won this week's DIY Giveaway!


  1. The underwear are HILARIOUS!! Who would have thought???

  2. Well, that was a trip! All of these are genius works of art that will be sticking in my mind for a while but I especially like "Time Flies" and the prickly air hair dryer. Both would make excellent art for the guest room. :)

  3. YAHOOZA! I love it all, but the undies....speechless!