November 29, 2010

Verdant Means Green- But This Verdant is Violet!

Gena's Little One's middle name is Violet!
Meet and Greet the 'Verdant Violet' a.k.a. Gena, former neuroscientist turned toy designer and shop proprietor on Etsy. Her adorable baby girl was the inspiration for her eco-epiphany (no, that's not a word) that led to her new career. The Verdant Violet is Gena's way "to engage as many people as possible in an effective, positive, and enjoyable mission to protect the planet." And she hopes  readers of her new blog, Verdant Violet, will "find it to be a place for daily inspiration, hope, mirth, and a greater appreciation of our incredible world." After reading it, I can attest that she has definitely mastered the mirth and I found it to be full of inspiration and very interesting!

One of her latest posts talks about the "crinkle" of packaging which is relevant in regards to the appeal of her toys for little ones, (to understand more you'll have to read her article!) Gena's blocks are handcrafted of upcycled materials that create a stimulating tactile and sensory experience for children. Colorful and  whimsical, her blocks and cloth books will teach and entertain little ones with its bright contrasting patterns, varying textures and engaging crinkle sound.

Gena recently joined our Etsy team, Upcyclers, and already has created a "Treasury" of artisans that Love 2 Upcycle. Treasuries are known and used in the Etsy community to promote and share fellow artisans' work in a gallery presentation. And true to her name, it is richly "Verdant" or more commonly, GREEN! You can see it in her latest blog over on her blogspot, and after you have a good read around her blog, check out her shop on Etsy, Verdant Violet, Eco-Friendly Baby Toys.

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