January 6, 2013

Solutions for Your Resolutions: Getting Organized!

Getting organized is a common resolution for the New Year and we've got some fantastic upcycled solutions to fill the bill! There are tons of handmade, vintage and upcycled containers and furnishings on Etsy and from our team of Upcyclers. Here are a few of the favorites I found~

Try storing letters or keepsakes in something romantic like this train case!

Vintage Train Case from It's Your Country

Dual purpose is always a great goal when choosing storage solutions~ whether it's form and function or it functions two ways like this ottoman with a cubby under the seat.

Upcycled Ottoman from ReKindle Home

This upcycled china cabinet from rule forty-two VA is an artisan piece refinished in sand, teal, sage and turqoise boasting beautiful form and function!

From large to small, storing needs can be filled with beautifully detailed, handmade goods like these baskets and containers

Small Fabric Basket from RoseMauve

Upcycled Felted Wool Container from Thirtyone13

Upcycled Blue Jean Bowl from Sunflower By Design

Coffee Sack Basket from Brin and Nohl

I found these upcycled storage solutions on Etsy with the search tags: teamupcyclers, storage.
But you can find thousands more just by searching: upcycled, storage.

Remember to keep your resolutions fun and exciting and enjoy the satisfaction of at least trying to keep your goals!

Happy New Year!
;) Cat


  1. Seriously cute storage ... and LOVE that coffee sack - you can just see that going for a mint in some upscale garden shop (hehe) .. it is awesome!

  2. Getting organized is one of my main goals for 2013! Great collection of cute upcycled items =)

  3. Thank you for including me! and I too love that coffee sack! oh, and the china cabinet - swoon!!!! Love that too!

  4. I have had getting organized on my resolutions list for years. Some really great items to help with that. I especially like the ottoman and coffee bag sack. Even if I can't get organized this year I can always add to my collection of neat little containers. :)

  5. Thanks, Everyone! And I agree, Patricia~ at least we can have some awesome containers even if we don't get our stuff together, lol!